Importing Product Data from CS-Cart Version 1.3.4-SP3 into CS-Cart Version 2.0

We no longer maintain the Knowledge Base since version 4.3.x. All the latest user and developer documentation for 4.3.x and newer versions is now available at docs.cs-cart.com.

  • This article is available only for CS-Cart versions:
  • 2.0.x
To import product data from CS-Cart version 1.3.4-SP3 itto CS-Cart version 2.0:
  1. Export product data from CS-Cart version 1.3.4-SP3:
    1. Log in to the administration panel of CS-Cart version 1.3.4-SP3 and click on the Export catalog link in the CATALOG side box on the left.
    2. Specify the following settings:
      1. Disable the Export images option if you do not need to export product images.
      2. In the CSV delimiter select box, select a delimiter to be used in the CSV file.
    3. Click the Export button under the CSV delimiter option.
    4. You will be proposed to open or save the CSV file. Save it to your local computer.
  2. Change the saved file so that it contains only the column names that are supported in version 2.0:
    1. Open the saved CSV file using a spreadsheet application (e.g. MS Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc).
    2. Remove the following columns together with all the data they contain:
    3. Replace only the column names (in the first row) in the following way:
      product_code -> Product code
      avail -> Available
      manufacturer_id -> Manufacturer
      list_price -> List price
      amount -> Quantity
      min_amount -> Min quantity
      weight -> Weight
      shipping_freight -> Shipping freight
      is_edp edp_shipping -> Ship downloadable
      tracking -> Inventory tracking
      free_shipping -> Free shipping
      feature_comparison -> Feature comparison
      zero_price_action -> Zero price action
      price -> Price
      product -> Product name
      short_description -> Short description
      full_description -> Description
      meta_keywords -> Meta keywords
      meta_description -> Meta description
      page_title -> Page title
      main_category -> Category
      thumbnail -> Thumbnail
      detailed_image -> Detailed image
    4. Save the file.
      NOTE: The order of fields is not important in the file which will be imported.
  3. Import the edited file into CS-Cart version 20.
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