We no longer maintain the Knowledge Base since version 4.3.x. All the latest user and developer documentation for 4.3.x and newer versions is now available at docs.cs-cart.com.

  • This article is available only for CS-Cart versions:
  • 1.3.5
To upgrade the current CS-Cart version to another one:
  1. Log in to our Customer Help Desk. Download CS-Cart Store Manager and the Upgrade package: the current CS-Cart version to the desired one upgrade package on the File area page.
  2. Install CS-Cart Store Manager on your local computer (it is software for Windows).
  3. Make sure that CS-Cart directory is not protected by password. Remove this protection temporarily if it is so.
  4. Follow the upgrade instructions in the Readme.txt file in the Store Manager directory on your local computer.
    - It is strongly recommended not to upgrade your live store! Make a copy of your store to another server (instructions how to move CS-Cart to another server, you will need to copy your files instead of moving) and try to upgrade it first. If this upgrade is successful, upgrade your live store.
    - If there is no single upgrade package for your version to the desired one, you are able to upgrade the current version to a version to which the upgrade package exists and then upgrade a new one to the desired one.
  5. If you have any problems with upgrading your online store or you would like CS-Cart team to upgrade your store, you are able to order our upgrade service. Please submit a new ticket in our Customer Help Desk.
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