Upgrading a database of CS-Cart 1.3.5-SP4 to version 2.0.8

We no longer maintain the Knowledge Base since version 4.3.x. All the latest user and developer documentation for 4.3.x and newer versions is now available at docs.cs-cart.com.

  • This article is available only for CS-Cart versions:
  • 2.0.x

The process results in a clean CS-Cart 2.0.8 installation with the data copied from version 1.3.5-SP4. The initial CS-Cart 1.3.5-SP4 and its database will remain unchanged.

Due to the data structure differences between these two versions, the upgrade has the following features and limitations:

  1. Addon settings will not be transferred. It is required to set up the addons manually after the upgrade.
  2. The condition rules defined in Promotions will be transferred only partly. It is required to review and set them up manually after the upgrade.
  3. All the lists defined in Listmania will be converted into appropriate blocks. In addition, the Categories, My account, Mailing list and Information blocks (which are identical to those in the default CS-Cart 2.0.8) will be added.
  4. All product, category, etc. images will be stored on the file system after the upgrade.
  5. Manufacturers will be transferred as variants of a product feature with the name Manufacturer.
  6. CMS topics and pages will be transferred to Pages (the link to this page is located in the Content tab). The topic-page hierarchy will be preserved.
  7. The URLs of the top quick links (defined on the Top navigation page in CS-Cart 1.3.5-SP4) will be transferred as they are. As the parameters of the index script have been changed since CS-Cart 2.0 release, the top quick links will not work (except the external links) after the upgrade. It is required to update these URLs on the Quick links page (the link to this page is in the Design tab) manually. Please, refer to the Quick links page in the default CS-Cart 2.0.8 for the URLs examples.

To upgrade a database of CS-Cart 1.3.5 SP4 to version 2.0.8:

  1. Log in to the administration panel of CS-Cart 1.3.5-SP4 whose database needs to be upgraded.
  2. Click on the Settings link in the ADMINISTRATION side box on the right. Select Database in the Images location select box on the opened page. Click on the Update button at the bottom to apply the change.
  3. Open the DB Backup/Restore page. Unselect the Compress backup file check box, enter cscart135sp4-dump.sql into the Backup file name text input field and click on the Backup button. After the page is reloaded, click on the cscart135sp4-dump.sql file under the Backup files section and download it to your computer.
  4. Make a clean (!) installation of CS-Cart 2.0.8 using a new database in a separate directory on your server. Do not make any database changes in this CS-Cart as they will be lost.
    NOTE: The whole CS-Cart 2.0.8 database will be cleared before the upgrade.
  5. Extract the upgrade package provided by the CS-Cart team to your computer and copy the following files from it to CS-Cart 2.0.8 root directory:
  6. Copy the cscart135sp4-dump.sql file created at step 3 to the same directory.
  7. Run the upgrade135sp4-208.php script in your browser (it is in CS-Cart 2.0.8 root directory). The upgrade statuses will be displayed during the process. You should see the The database upgrade is finished successfully! notification at the end.
  8. After the upgrade is finished, it is required to delete the files uploaded to your server at steps 5 and 6 for security reasons.

As a result, there will be the initial CS-Cart 1.3.5-SP4 (with no changes) and a new CS-Cart 2.0.8 store with the database imported from version 1.3.5-SP4 on your server.

In order to replace the existing CS-Cart 1.3.5-SP4 store with the newly installed CS-Cart 2.0.8 (when it is completely set up), please delete all the files of CS-Cart 1.3.5-SP4 (it is highly recommended to back them up first) and follow the instructions in the Moving CS-Cart to another directory article.

NOTE: In order to get the old versions and upgrade archives, contact CS-Cart support team, using Customer Help Desk.

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