How to upgrade your store manually

We no longer maintain the Knowledge Base since version 4.3.x. All the latest user and developer documentation for 4.3.x and newer versions is now available at docs.cs-cart.com.

  • This article is available only for CS-Cart versions:
  • 1.3.5
To upgrade the current CS-Cart version to another one manually:
  1. Make a copy of your store to another server (instructions how to move CS-Cart to another server, you will need to copy your files instead of moving) and try to upgrade it first. If this upgrade is successful, upgrade your live store.
    If you do not have another server, you should copy your CS-Cart to a subdirectory on the same server using the same instructions.
    NOTE: You should use another database (with a different name) for the copy of your store.
  2. Log in to our Customer Help Desk. Download the Upgrade package: the current CS-Cart version to the desired one upgrade package on the File area page and unpack it to a temp directory on your server.
    The upgrade package contains the following directories and files:
    the changed_files.lst file - you can view what files have been changed;
    the database.sql file - you can view the database changes;
    the post_upgrade.php file - you can update language variables by using this script;
    the original directory - there are old original files;
    the latest directory - there are new files.
  3. Remove the config.php and install.php files from the latest directory of your upgrade package.
  4. Upload the latest directory and all its files and directories to the directory where your CS-Cart is installed overwriting the existent files.
    NOTE: If you have any modifications in some CS-Cart files, you should not overwrite them. You should compare the new and old files and replace the necessary parts of code manually.
  5. Check whether there are the correct permissions for CS-Cart directories and files. Please follow this article to get more information about permissions.
  6. Upgrade the database by using the phpMyAdmin tool on your server.
    • Click on the Import tab at the top.
    • In the File to import section click on the Browse button and select the database.sql file.
    • Click on the Go button on the page.
      If the import is successful you will see the following notice:
      Import has been successfully finished, ****** queries executed.
  7. Upload the post_upgrade.php file to your CS-Cart directory on the server and run the script by opening the following link in your browser: http://www.your_domain.com/your_cscart_directory/post_upgrade.php , where replace "your_domain.com" with the name of your domain, "your_cscart_directory" with the name of the directory where CS-Cart is installed on your server as seen from the Web, e.g 'shop' (if applicable).
  8. If you have any problems with upgrading your online store or you would like CS-Cart team to upgrade your store, you are able to order our upgrade service. Please submit a new ticket in our Customer Help Desk.
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